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The CHA Book club was created with the purpose of bringing like minded scholars together to discuss topics of interest that relate to the great game of hockey that we all love. 

On the 1st Tuesday of every new month at 7:15PM, we gather together for 30 minutes on a Zoom call to discuss our monthly book, to share ideas, to gain perspective and to enjoy community. 

1. Encourages Critical Thinking
Joining a book club can also be a great way to encourage critical thinking in yourself and in your fellow book club members. By working through and discussing the book together, you can help each other to see all aspects of a topic and consider each one carefully.

2. Expands Your Views And Broadens Your Perspective
Hearing what everyone else has to say about the book you’ve all read can be quite revealing. You can discover that your opinions are shared by others or that others see things completely differently. Keeping an open mind and trying to understand how everyone else perceived the message of the book is going to help you expand your views.

3. Helps You Become A More Organized Reader
Having to keep up with the reading list imposed by your book club is going to force you to become a better organized reader. Having a deadline for every book you read is a great way to start taking reading more seriously and will help you be more efficient with your time management. It is also a terrific way to practice time management as the season can be busy and demanding and therefore require a scheduled approach.

4. New Friendships
Meeting people with the same interests as you is going to be a great experience, regardless of whether you do it physically in person, or online. Surrounding ourselves with like-minded people generally improves and strengthens our beliefs. You will get a fulfilling feeling by knowing that you belong to a group, as the social aspect of any activity generally improves it tenfold.

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Each month, on the 1st Tuesday we send out a Zoom link to all our CHA Book Club Members and we meet for approx. 30 minutes. 

To Join The Complete Hockey Academy Book Club Please Reach Out And Let Us Know! All Welcomed!

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